At Dilomat Farms, we have varieties of Healthy, Natural, Nutritional, and Fresh Products, which ensures the wellbeing of our consumers. Below, we have a line-up of products from our Farm and there various prices.

Dilomat Noni Products

We have a variety of special products gotten from our Noni farm. Noni has been known as a cure for a number of human diseases, thus we have healthy products produced from The Noni plant which are, "Dilomat Noni Juice" "Dilomat Dried Oyster Mushroom" & "Dilomat Noni Powder.". these products are nutritious and healthy for the whole family.

  • 1) Improve skin quality
  • 2) Good for people suffering from arthritis
  • 3) Prevents Cancer
  • 4) Boost immunity
  • 5) Increases energy level
  • 6) Prevents ulcer
  • 7) Keeps the blood pressure under control
  • 8) Protects the body from various diseases
Photos Of Our Noni Products

Noni Drink

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Noni Tea

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Noni Powder

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Dilomat Mushroom Products

Under this category of products we have "Dilomat Dried Oyster Mushroom" and "Dilomat fresh oyster mushrooms". Mushrooms are fat-free, low-sodium, low-calorie, and cholesterol-free. They’re also packed with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. They contain antioxidants, b vitamins, copper, potassium etc.

  • 1) Our mushrooms are rich in protein
  • 2) Our Dilomat mushrooms are recommended by medical experts and suitable for pregnant women, vegetarians, nursing mothers, malnourished children and people with bad sight.
  • 3) Our mushrooms contain minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, calcium,sodium, magnesium, selenium,zinc etc which makes it ideal for healthy living
Photos Of Our Noni Products

Dried Oyster Mushroom

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Fresh Oyster Mushrooms

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Dilomat Moringa Products

Moringa has been used for centuries due to its medicinal properties and health benefits, thus we have healthy products produceed from from Moringa which are "Dilomat Moringa Tea", "Dilomat Moringa Seeds" and "Dilomat Moringa Powder". This products contains healthy compounds such as vitamin A vitamin B1, B2, B3, B6, calcium, potassium, iron, magnesium, phosphorus etc.

  • 1) Prevents the development of cancer cells
  • 2) Strengthens the immune system
  • 3) Our Moringa product is good for people with asthma, ulcer, skin infection, and diabetes
  • 4) Normalises the blood pressure
  • 5) Helps wounds to heal
  • 6) Makes your bones healthier
Photos Of Our Moringa Products

Moringa Tea

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Moringa Seeds

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Moringa Powder

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Dilomat Wheat & Soya Chunks

Our "Wheat" and "Soya" chunks Are healthy choices for a simple but stomach filling meal. The Wheat chucks is made from pure wheat, ginger, mushroom extract and spices. While the soya chucks are made from pure soya beans and ginger, spices both products could be eaten either cooked or uncooked, it could also be used for garnishing on food, a better substitute for meat.

  • 1) An Extremly Rich source of Selenium
  • 2) Reduces the risk of Cancer amongs people
  • 3) Substantainly Reduces the risk of Diabetes
  • 4) Helps prevent gallstones
  • 5) wheat chuncks is a good source of plant protien that can substitute for meat, and other source of beef
Photo Of Our wheat chunks Products

wheat chunks

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  • 1) The Best healthy choice for an emergency snack, keeps you full even when consumed in a small quantity
  • 2) Soya Protien Product like ours are good substitute anial products
  • 3) Makes your Bones Healthy & Strong
  • 4) Rich in fiber
Photo Of Our Soya chunks Product

Soya chunk

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